Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hydro Hosts Return of Still Game

 Isa dancing on Stage, Still Game Live

SCOTLAND's favourite double act, Jack and Victor returned to the Hydro in Glasgow last night to the laughter of giddy Scots.
The boys were back in town, which the song played as the audience made there way to their seats.
Then the curtain fell to reveal the Clansman set with a solo act from Boaby which kicked of the long awaited show.
The news of Still Game's return in a stage format was announced to fans last October. The Hit TV series written by Ford Keirnan and Greg Hemphill, who play the pensioner duo, came to Scottish screens in 2002. Still Game started off on stage before it was made popular on BBC one, so you could say the show has went back to its live roots. It will appear at the SSE Hydro until October 21st.
Audience participation became a big feature of the night where Jack and Victor welcomed all their fans who bought tickets to see them.
Navid, the popular Craiglang shop keeper ended up in the audience several times as he tried to flog hotdogs to the audience.
The show carried on with a brand new script which brought new gags, jokes and references to the TV series. The characters are still the same and not much has changed in Craiglang with the exception of Boaby who has got all high tech with an I-pad he won in a competition. As the TV show ended in 2007, the World has become more technology advanced since then. So it was clever that Ford and Greg factored this into the story as Jack and Victor try and get to grips with new technology and call Boaby's tablet, the fudge. It's like a teenager making fun of their own grandparents as they attempt to use their technology, which went down well with the audience. Then they were treated to something spectacular- in the second half- as Isa and Navid got the audience into an eruption of laughter with a Bollywood dance - with professional Bollywood dancers.
Then with the help of Jack, Victor, Tam and Winston they turned it into their favourite dance - the slosh. The night began for many fans when they got off the train at the SECC station which featured gimmicks from the show including a Weclome door matt, mobility buggy with a Tam registration plate and signs with Scottish slang like 'Way Oot' and 'Up the toon'. Scotrail transformed the station into a welcome reception for the Still Game live shows as they partnered up with the Hydro. This is something I've never seen done before in Glasgow, for any show, so its clear by its opening night  - Still Game mania is in the city.

Still Game  Saying Signs in SECC station, Glasgow