Saturday, 7 November 2015

Two Scots, One Big Movie Premiere

Lights, Camera, Action at Spectre Premiere in London

So what do two London fan's do when they've seen all of what the Big Smoke has to offer, but still want more? Hit a World Film premiere that's what! And that's exactly what me and my twin sister did on Monday 26 October, better known to Bond fans as the day of the Spectre Premiere.
Being Bond Fans since seeing Roger Moore's, A View to a Kill as kid's we always imagined what it would be like to go to an actual movie premiere. And they don't come more glamorous than a Bond premiere.
Having known about the date since it got released, we booked our Ryanair flights from Glasgow International to London Stanstead, arrival for the day before. Both me and my sister have been too London twice before and done all the big sights, shopping, and checked out the theater's. 
But we didn't want to miss one of the best and biggest nights in London this year.
The location for the Spectre premiere was revealed as The Royal Albert Hall, so as neither of us had been there before it gave us an excuse to check the place out.
As our hotel was based in Paddington, opposite end of Kensington Gardens, which Royal Albert Hall is situated at the left of the park near the Albert Memorial. After getting some breakfast we made our way to the Hall, around 10 am to make sure we got a good spot. On arrival, to where the public pens were getting set up a steward handed us a wristband with the Spectre writing on it and a number.
We waited patiently in line since then, and got chatting to other Bond fans who like us wanted to ensure a good spot. The option to leave the site and come back is given as long as you have your wristband which are numbered for your place in the pens as close to numerical order as they can arrange. 
Having never been to a premiere before we didn't leave, there was some hustle and jostle to get the fans into the pens. But when 5pm came around, the stars started to arrive in style and all the hours that past became worth it. Daniel Craig was the first of the film's cast to make an appearance and the reception he got from the crowd was electric.

Selfie with my fav actor, Daniel Craig

Shaking hands, signing autographs for fans and even taking the odd selfie with eager fans he soaked up the atmosphere. Even describing the event in an interview as being 'like a wedding day' and it summed it up well as you knew you were at something special. The other cast followed suit, with a mix of legend celebrities including Joan Collins and previous bond singer Shirley Basset. I am sure other bond fans would agree that the event felt like it was for their eyes only.