Monday, 19 September 2016

Glasgow opens its doors for you and me

love Glasgow. It's a great city for many things: shopping, dining, and entertainment - all of which have been brought to life through its many festivals. Five festivals already taken place in the city this year including the new Glasgow Style Mile festival which celebrated the cities love for shopping in the summer.    It has just held its 27th Doors Open Day festival where the city freely opens the doors of its buildings to the public. 
Me and my sister, paid a visit to the Glasgow Police Museum in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. We had intended on going for a while and with it being part of the Doors Open Day festival it meant we got in for free.
The Glasgow Police Museum is housed on the first floor of 30 Bell Street a small, but interestingly packed display of information, memoribila and uniforms related to Glasgows police past. The City of Glasgow Police was fasticintainly the first Police force formed in the UK founded in 1800. More information can be read here on Sir Robert Peel and Glasgow's police history:
The first ever Doors Open Day event was held in France in 1984.
It since has become popular worldwide with Europe, Scotland, Canada and Australia getting in on the act with heritage and walking tours included. 
The other buildings which doors were held open were The Glasgow Catherdral, The Lighthouse, Glasgow City Chambers and The School Street Museum.