Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Break Bad with a visit to Albuquerque

Heisenberg (Walt White) in New Mexico Desert with RV in the background 

I don't usually write blog posts on places that i have never actually been too. However, i am making an exception as now a dire hard, Breaking Bad fan - better late than never. I have been addicted to my netflix for the past month now as life as a graduate has given me some free time to catch up on shows i missed, whilst i was in the midst of dissertation deadlines and final assessments. The thick blue skies, and desert like terrain and vegetation shown in the cult show has made me wonder about where its set. So after doing some research i discovered that the show's location is Albuquerque in New Mexico. A place with a high - desert climate as Albuquerque is in the northern tip of the Chilhuahuan desert therefore resulting in 310 days of sunshine per year. Noticed how in the show both Walt White's home and his sister law Marie's house have pools and barbecues to cater for the sunny weather. The New Mexico desert also features in the programme especially in the iconic scene at the beginning where Walt crashes his RV and comes out with a gun wearing just a shirt and his pants.
An american show, set in America wouldn't be complete without a motor home and a suburban chemistry teacher turned 'cook'.
However, there is more to Albuquerque than being the setting of one of the most watched TV series of the modern day.

Balloon Capital of the World

With its vast blue skies and relentless days of sunshine it has served as the Ballooning capital of the world. Infact it has just held the 43rd International Balloon Fiesta in October, the hot air balloon festival is thought to be one of the most photographed events in the world.

Breaking Bad Tours 

Another aspect that features in the hit show and typical of American culture is the fried chicken food chain - Los Pollos Hermanos. The name of the fast-food restaurants ran by Gus Fring is called Twisters in reality (a wee bit of trivia for breaking bad fans).
There are Breaking Bad RV tours available for $65.00 which will allow you  to see some of the shows locations including the Twisters restaurant and the Octopus car wash - which is the car wash, Walt and Skyler owned
More information on the tours can be found on this web link: http://www.visitalbuquerque.org/listings/Breaking-Bad-RV-Tours/8279/

Getting There

Getting to New Mexico from a Scottish airport is not as straight forward as i thought, it will take you two stops and three flights via London and Dallas. http://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/gla/abq/141101/141115/airfares-from-glasgow-international-to-albuquerque-in-november-2014.html?rtn=1
But don't let that put you off as, i found by using Skyscanner,that British Airways do a return fare for around £600. And not only will you experience Breaking Bad for real, you can tour New Mexico with Santa Fe, the oldest capital of the US -an hour away.