Monday, 1 December 2014

London in 24 Hours

The UK Capital is one busy and exciting city with lots to see do which can be done in a DAY.
Whether you love sightseeing, shopping or going to historic landmarks, London has it all.
Just take yourself, an oyster card and your smartphone and you're good to go!

7.00am - Start your day off with a hearty breakfast. From a full English available from most Cafe's and Pubs or grab a coffee and croissant from Starbucks - you will find many within London.

8.00 am - Top up and Tube. Head to your nearest tube station and top up your Oyster Card (or get one from the ticket desk if you haven't got one) £8.20 is the price of an all day pass for red buses and tube networks around the city.

8.30am - Go explore the urban jungle.  A good place to start is Oxford Circus so jump of the tube or bus there and you will find Regent Street, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus nearby. Once there you can shop til you drop and take photo's of the iconic advertising screen in Piccadilly Circus. Big Ben and Westminster Parliament building is around a 15 minute walk from Piccadilly and on the way you will see the London Eye. If you're not scared of heights then it's worth a trip up the eye as you will gain an impressive view of the City. Plus you can tick a lot off your 'must do list' within the first few hours.

Regent Street at Christmas Time

10.00 am - Museum musings  London isn't lacking in museums so make your way to the Westminster underground and jump on a tube to get to one. If you want to visit the famous, British Museum then get off at Russell Square, then walk to Great Russell Street (15 minute walk) where you will find the Museum. It offers free admission and an extra bonus, it open's late at weekends til 8.30 pm. It houses 8 Million historic and cultural objects, which includes the largest collection of Egyptian writing (hydrophilic's) and artefacts - so you will be there for a few hours. However, there is a cafe inside which will cater for your food and drink needs and a gift shop so you can take a souvenir back home with you.

The British Museum  

1.00pm - Lunch in London. Refuel by visiting either a cafe, pub or restaurant which in London there is not shortage off.  In the Bloomsbury area of London near Russell Square you will find restaurants offering international cuisine from: Italian, Chinese, Indian and even Vietnamese. If you're on a budget, head back on the tubes to the stop for Leicester Square, one of London's popular hubs, where you find cheap chique pubs such as The Moon Under Water from the JD Weatherspoon group.

2.00pm - Leicester Square. The place known for the famous Odeon Cinema where the film premiers are held. If you're an m&m's chocolate fan then you must visit, M&M world home to souvenir's of the American chocolate brand and a sweetie factory with ever colour imaginable and different tastes of m&m's.

3.00pm - Trafalgar Square. You can't go to London without paying a visit to this popular meeting point. If you're an art lover, then head no further as its where you will find The National Gallery - the iconic art museum. Inside you can marvel at the impressive art collection with over 2,300 paintings to see.

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square 

5.00pm - Cosmopolitan Cuisine You will have worked up an appetite after all the gallery gandering so no better time to experience the cuisine of one the world's most cosmopolitan cities. Whatever your taste and budget London can accommodate. The city prides itself on offering British pub grub as well as high end restaurants which sell upmarket food. Shaftesbury Avenue, in London's West End is the ideal place to go for dinner if you've got tickets for a show. Sophie's Steakhouse near Covent Garden is a swanky eating place that offers a great pre-theatre meal with choice of steak and cheesecake.

7.00pm - Show Time. London's West End is nicknamed, Theatre Land as it's where the latest shows or musical's are held. The new musical, Made in Dagenham has came to the Aldephi Feature. It's worth checking out if you like the idea of protesting woman on strike at the Henry Ford Factory when working class Britain was it is height.

10.30pm - Into the Night. If you're staying in a hotel, you can spend the last few hours of your full day in London by going out for some cocktails. In the West End you will find restaurants and bars that do affordable cocktails. 
12.00pm - Bed Time. After you're long but exciting day in London Town you will be in desperate need of some sleep. There are many three and four star hotels in central London, look out Groupon for deals or check out Tripadvisor.

7.00 am - Home Time. However you travel home you will be sure to take away with you, some memories and photographs of a jam packed day in London.

How to get there 

* Mega Bus or National Express buses operate a daily service or a nightly service to London with the sleeper, Mega Bus Gold. Tickets are available from their websites and are not that expensive for a journey between 7 and 8 hours long.
Or if you feel that's too long, British Airways and Easyjet offer flights from Glasgow Airport and UK wide airports, with prices around £64.00. Much cheaper if you book last minute using sky-scanner or their website.